Integral Human Development

Blooming: tales of old age, abandonment and a country at a crossroads

Conceived under the ULYSSES European Odyssey (2022-2024), an artistic project stretching across countries and which collects particular socio cultural elements from James Joyce’s Ulysses, the stage play Blooming (São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon, 2024) impressed its audiences with a daring take on the concept of aging in contemporary Portugal. Director Marco Martins wisely chose the […]

Migrants Objetivos de desenvolvimento sustentáveis Sustainable development goals Theater

Theater, collectivity and health literacy based on cancer experiences in A feia

“I know I’m not alone here. I didn’t come to Portugal to die,” says one of the characters in the play A feia (Teatro da Comuna, Lisbon, 2024), reflecting on her oncologic treatment. The text of the play, which incorporates excerpts from Professor Clarice’s Diary of a Courageous Woman and a publication by Lara Vaz […]

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