Arquivo Mensal: Dezembro 2022


Uma Abordagem Fenomenológica à experiência DeafSpace no Cairo

Ao falarmos sobre a experiência vivida do Espaço, impulsionados por hipotéticas linhas de diálogo que se entrelaçam nos Estudos Surdos, bem como na Fenomenologia da Percepção de Maurice Merleaux-Ponty (1994), reconhecemos o conceito emergente de Corpo Próprio, Corpo Subjetivo e experiência do Espaço, ou seja, os modos de ser, sentir e compreender o mundo, na primeira pessoa. Duvisac (2014) [1] recupera o conceito de Espaço em M M-Ponty, citando o...


The water war: Is water a common good?

Is water a common good, when so many people still do not have the right to it? More than ever, climate change and the need for an urgent response to it are the order of the day. Although the prevention, combat and mitigation of climate change have long been discussed, news of natural and other disasters is becoming increasingly frequent, calling a concerted response into question. Agreements are signed, initiatives...


Human Rights: Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All

Surely it is difficult to list the situations that contribute/co-occur to the inequality gap, but what unites everything and underlines the need for reflection are the many characteristics that can place someone/some group in vulnerability and social disadvantage. Carlos Barros 10th of December marks the International Human Rights Day. This day marks the official recognition of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations Organisation (UNO) in 1948....


UNESCO: Reimagining Our Education’s Futures Together.

  In this ninth blog post, I start from the most recent UNESCO report on Education (2021) and Nóvoa’s reflections (2021, 2022) on the changes registered in educational institutions in the post-Covid-19 pandemic scenario. Positing the possibility of a disaggregation of universities via entrepreneurialization and AI, this author proposes them as a place par excellence for teacher training (albeit not the only one). I suggest that, if this disaggregation does...

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