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Media Coverage, IT/New Media/’Ethnic Media’, Science Communication and Terminological Issues in Migration Studies.

In this eight blog post, I will examine the key-role played by media coverage, not only while shaping general attitudes towards migrants, but also while broadcasting and conveying notions associated with particular competing moral economies. I will discuss terminological issues and the specificity of some of the results achieved on the field of migration studies, including some of my own results on IT/new media usage by specific groups of migrants. ...


The Value in the Mission of Social Institutions

Value Creation in the Social Economy is nothing more than the consequence of the strategic options taken by organizations from the inside out, through the combination of resources and capabilities of their internal context and how it interacts with the various stakeholder conditions from the outside in, and the position assumed by it. Tiago Abalroado           A non-profit organization’s mission establishes the value it intends to produce for its stakeholders...


The spiritual dimension for more sustainable behaviours in higher education institutions

  Creativity emerges as the response of different higher education institutions to the challenge launched by the United Nations and Laudato Si’…It is based on a more holistic pedagogical change that considers not only technical skills, but also the promotion of internal and transversal competences, aiming at sustainable development including the interaction between the self, the micro and the macrosystem. The new forms of the individual’s relationship with nature have...


Why photo elicitation can tell us more about DeafSpace

Umberto Eco [i] claims that sensory phenomena are transcribed, in the photographic emulsion, in such a way that even if there is a causal link with the real phenomena, the graphic images can be considered as wholly arbitrary with respect to these phenomena. The author refers to the highly subjective personal decisions that take part in the act of photographic capture of an image, as well as to all the possible...


The new migratory flux from East Timor to Portugal: a police news?

Last September, I started to notice the first news about the rapid increase in the number of arrivals from East Timor, followed by the identification of some immigrants living and working in poor conditions in agricultural zones of Alentejo (south of Portugal)[1]. I’m not sure if the arrival of three thousand East Timorese people between June and September represents a new migratory wave, although the TSF radio station has promptly...


Science, Development and Integrality

This integral awareness will promote a science more awake to the needs outside its academic walls, where its transference will be an excellent influence for Development in the various domains. Carlos Barros On 10 November is celebrated the World Science Day for Peace and Development[1]. This event, promoted by UNESCO, began in the outset of the 21st century to remind us of the impact that science (and academia) brings to...

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Why Strategy in Social and Solidarity Action (II)

The dynamic context in which we live leads to the need to build lasting and stable institutions, stimulating the adoption of strategies that enhance the growth of efficiency and effectiveness associated with providing their services.             Strategic Management emerges as the process through which an organization formulates and implements its strategy. Its implementation must involve the sharing of thoughts and ideas among managers, the consequent exploration of the various...

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