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The question that arises is: how can the social institutions of the Church in Portugal effectively fulfill their mission at a time marked by uncertainty and the general increase in costs without having a “financial cushion to provide stability to current management, let alone to face extraordinary expenses”? Tiago AbalroadoCADOS, Universidade Católica Portuguesa © 2022 For some years now, more or less directly, we have come across signs that indicate...


Sustainable Development in Higher Education From the Student Perspective

In general, higher education institutions have not yet understood their responsibility in the field of SD, meeting the SGDs and Laudato Si’s goals, notably goal 5 – Ecological Education “re-thinking and re-designing curricular and institutional reform in the spirit of integral ecology to foster ecological awareness and transformative action”, as a response to the ecological crisis by redefining and rebuilding our relationships with each other and with our common home (considering the planetary limits of all socio-economic systems and the human roots of the ecology crisis).

Ana Marta Aleixo, UCP, 2022


From Family to Society: Intergenerational Solidarity for Development

Despite the big steps that still need to be taken, there is added hope in the small steps, reflected in the fluidity of these families who tend to participate more and more and with less rigidity of roles. Carlos Barros Under a transdisciplinary approach, solidarity can be defined as a union of interests, sympathies and goals between members of a group. Such synergy prevents individual anomie, maintaining a connection between...

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