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Recognition of the climate refugee for integral human development

(Foto by Hector Retamal/AFP) Ana Marta ALEIXO CADOS, Universidade Católica Portuguesa © 2022 Recognition of the climate refugee for integral human development The status of climate refugee is still not legally recognised, further complicating concerted and specific support action for these displaced persons. The scientific community calls for an international commitment to support the populations most exposed to the scourge of climate change; however, we must not forget that prevention,...



This is the second part of a blog post introducing my postdoc research project with Nepalese Female Migrants from the 1st and 2nd generations in Portugal within the framework of the IHD – Integral Human Development postdoc program at CADOS, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 2022.


Sustainable Development in Higher Education From the Student Perspective

In general, higher education institutions have not yet understood their responsibility in the field of SD, meeting the SGDs and Laudato Si’s goals, notably goal 5 – Ecological Education “re-thinking and re-designing curricular and institutional reform in the spirit of integral ecology to foster ecological awareness and transformative action”, as a response to the ecological crisis by redefining and rebuilding our relationships with each other and with our common home (considering the planetary limits of all socio-economic systems and the human roots of the ecology crisis).

Ana Marta Aleixo, UCP, 2022


From Family to Society: Intergenerational Solidarity for Development

Despite the big steps that still need to be taken, there is added hope in the small steps, reflected in the fluidity of these families who tend to participate more and more and with less rigidity of roles. Carlos Barros Under a transdisciplinary approach, solidarity can be defined as a union of interests, sympathies and goals between members of a group. Such synergy prevents individual anomie, maintaining a connection between...


Diversity in News Coverage of the War in Ukraine

In the conflict that unfolds on European soil and whose victims are predominantly white people, attention to the value of diversity in journalism is revealed both in what is reported and in what is not usually covered Ester Minga The war in Ukraine has, unsurprisingly, received intense news coverage. Even before the invasion by Russia, the tensions on the border between the two countries and their international repercussion already occupied...



Autonomy, innovation, and collaboration will undoubtedly be key factors in a new and desirable configuration of this structuring sector which, like others, will have to know how to respond to the “urgent challenge of protecting our common home (…) in the search for sustainable and integral development”, effectively and truly propelling the common good.


DeafSpace, Displacement and Homemaking

Ecology of everyday life: DeafSpace and homemaking in the experience of displaced deaf people When we talk about social and cultural ecology, driven by lines of investigation that intertwine Deaf Studies and Cultural Studies, we recognize the connection with ways of being, feeling, and understanding the world, associated with deaf people who use gestural communication systems. Sign language, as the mother tongue of communication between communities of deaf and hearing...



Blog for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of the different research projects integrated in the Post-Doctoral Program on IHD – Integral Human Development by CADOS (2022-2024), Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal. The projects focus on Integral Human Development themes, namely the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the 2030-UN Agenda engaging with the Peripheries of Humanity and with invisible, unheard or excluded populations: migrant women, migrants with special needs, non-migrant elderly relatives and representations of migrants on the media, hidden school dropout, organization and local management of the humanitarian organization Caritas.

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