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Leisure in later life: The whole Person: transparency Vs relationship

“Tell me what you do when you are free to do as you wish, and I will tell you what kind of person you are” (Charles Brightbill, 1960) I’m writing this text out of practical concerns about everyday life. For example, why is it accepted that older people’s free time is all free? And do […]

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Ageing: a social challenge?

The increasing awareness that in the western world more people are living to a later age, but that there may be fewer people available for the care required, has made it essential to consider attitudes and behaviours regarding ageism and cooperation with the most immediate network. Carlos Barros The difficulty to support various age groups […]

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From Family to Society: Intergenerational Solidarity for Development

Despite the big steps that still need to be taken, there is added hope in the small steps, reflected in the fluidity of these families who tend to participate more and more and with less rigidity of roles. Carlos Barros Under a transdisciplinary approach, solidarity can be defined as a union of interests, sympathies and […]

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