Integral Human Development

Blooming: tales of old age, abandonment and a country at a crossroads

Conceived under the ULYSSES European Odyssey (2022-2024), an artistic project stretching across countries and which collects particular socio cultural elements from James Joyce’s Ulysses, the stage play Blooming (São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Lisbon, 2024) impressed its audiences with a daring take on the concept of aging in contemporary Portugal. Director Marco Martins wisely chose the […]

Migrants Objetivos de desenvolvimento sustentáveis Sustainable development goals Theater

Theater, collectivity and health literacy based on cancer experiences in A feia

“I know I’m not alone here. I didn’t come to Portugal to die,” says one of the characters in the play A feia (Teatro da Comuna, Lisbon, 2024), reflecting on her oncologic treatment. The text of the play, which incorporates excerpts from Professor Clarice’s Diary of a Courageous Woman and a publication by Lara Vaz […]

Empathy Empatia Human Rights Humanitarian work peace Theater

From shock to rhythm: Dans la mesure de l’impossible and the staging of humanitarian work

No scenic element so perfectly translates the play Dans la mesure de l’impossible (Tiago Rodrigues, Culturgest, 2024) as its sonic foundation. It is true that the tent set up on stage, as well as the actors’ body work, will have been stuck in the memory when the curtains close. But it is really through the […]

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